Since I’m a Manager, Shouldn’t I Get a Bigger Turkey?

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Back in the day, people worked 8-hour days and then went home. Usually there was free coffee in the break room, and sometimes even donuts. Often, especially in advertising, executives got expense accounts and used them to take clients and staff out to dinner or drinks, which was considered a perk of the job. Those days are gone. As the …

The New (Old) Rules of Thank-You Notes

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The internet has changed a lot of things, how we shop, how we date, and how we find jobs. Although some people argue that candidates are no longer expected to send thank-you notes, recruiters and hiring managers still advise people to do so. Most hiring managers now ask more creative and thoughtful questions than the days of “where do you …

The New Connection between Marketing, Customer Service & HR

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Many businesses, especially online businesses, are notorious for bad customer service. Phone numbers are difficult to find, online chats go around in circles, different answers are given to the same questions, promised refunds are never sent – the list goes on and on. However, some newer companies seem to be pushing back against this trend. For example,, an online …

What Do You Crave this Valentine’s Day?

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Looking for that little romantic spot for dinner that won’t be too crazy on Valentine’s Day? Well, it turns out that spot may have been hiding in plain sight. For over 25 years White Castle has been turning up the heat on Valentine’s Day, and not just under their famous grills. On Valentine’s Day, White Castle decorates their restaurants in …

This Bird Has a New Way to Tweet

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The first companies to use social media as a marketing tool were hailed as innovators. But once most brands began to use it, companies had to show a little more oomph and personality to be considered successful. Responding directly to customers and their concerns – and even being a little sassy – showed that brands were up with the latest …

Stuffin’ (pants) For Your Muffin (top)

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Everyone’s talking about the latest fashion choice for the holiday. Iconic Stove Top Stuffing, a staple for many family feasts, is promoting logo-imprinted “Thanksgiving Dinner Pants,” and they are hot. Cosmopolitan, InStyle, People, USA Today, Bustle, even Food & Wine are all aflutter about these maroon unisex stretch pants imprinted with a photo-realistic image of the stuffing on an alarmingly …

What’s In a Name? (And By That We Mean Ours)

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For a business, your name and logo is at the heart and soul of your identity—but sometimes this identity changes over time. It happened with Google.  The search engine giant was originally called BackRub from 1996 to 1997. It also happened with IBM.  This major computing company was called CTR from 1911 to 1924. And now it’s happening with Ceres Insights—we’ve changed …

What Would You Do for a Klondike Bar?

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Summer is rapidly melting away, but one ice cream brand has endured every season since 1922 and is still going strong. The brand we’re referring to is none other than Klondike, the stick-less little ice cream bar that could. This special treat is almost 100 years old and has an incredible back-story—one that’s rooted in innovation and nostalgia. So, what …

Harley Davidson’s Marketing Stunt Takes Over a Town

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There are few companies out there that have the guts to take over a town for a marketing stunt. Of course, we’re not surprised to learn Harley Davidson is one of them. This past June, the motorcycle manufacturer took over the town of Ryder, ND (population 85), giving free lessons to all eligible residents on how to ride a motorcycle. …