There are so many problems facing the world today, but one rises to the top as the most pervasive and potentially damaging to our way of life … shirtless selfies by men.

What could possibly account for this sudden and drastic rise of men posing for pictures without a shirt? Fruit of the Loom has a theory. Paying close attention to hashtags like #ripped and #shredded, used in the Instagram photos of these shirtless wonders, Fruit of the Loom has developed a theory: the shirtless selfies are caused by low quality t-shirts that easily rip and shred.

To help solve the problem, Fruit of the Loom has created a PSA (Public Service Announcement) and corresponding website so that these men can get the help, and shirts, they need. The company has been very generous with their time, responding to social media users devastated (and perhaps entranced) by this critical problem in pitch-perfect tone.

Founded in 1851 and known for ads featuring men dressed as fruit, Fruit of the Loom is often thought of as the least sexy underwear company. But their new campaign brings humor, fun, and a little sex appeal to undershirts. You can watch the PSA, and see some of the great corresponding social media here.

Known for low production values and over-the-top messages, PSAs are one of the most frequently mocked types of advertising in the ad world and pop culture. Think of all the riffs on “This is your brain on drugs.” By subtly mocking the form, and men who find it necessary to pose without their shirt, Fruit of the Loom wins the day by being sarcastic, without truly hurting anyone’s feelings.

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