Is Office Romance Really a No-No?

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Ahh love. Everyone knows that work and romance don’t mix, except that according to one poll, 22% of married couples in the U.S. met at work. Our own informal research (i.e. talking to our friends, colleagues, and clients) tells us that workplace romances are more likely to happen in [...]

Chipotle’s Overstuffed Marketing Plan: Will it Work?

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The last few years have been rough for Chipotle. The fast-causal chain was hit by a food-safety scare when customers became sick after eating meals contaminated with E. coli bacteria/noroviruses. The scandal resulted in a sharp drop in sales, stock price, and brand perception. Shortly after rolling out a [...]

3 Brand Lessons from a Pleasantly Absurd Ice Cream Shop

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Little Baby’s Ice Cream in Philadelphia has a reputation for being the most surreal food company in America. With flavors like balsamic banana, pizza, and (founding recipe) Earl Grey Sriracha, this ice cream company is bound to be a bit wacky. Even their physical locations feature décor reminiscent of [...]